Fishing for Trophy Fish: A Journey at Sea

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Our voyages focus on the islands of Thasos and Samothrace, with the exact itinerary depending on the season and weather conditions. One thing is certain: we’ll be fishing the whole time!

Upon your request or while on the move, we can troll for tuna and bonito. We employ various fishing techniques such as jigging, bottom fishing, and spinning, depending on the location and the target fish. In the evenings and early mornings, we can fish from the shores of the harbors where we dock.

The catamaran will be our home during these days, and we’ll all work as a team. We’ll discuss our collective strategy, and you’ll learn about fishing in Greece and how to manage a catamaran. Everyone will have the opportunity to act as captain and get acquainted with the basics of navigation. Our captains are experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of Greek fishing.

Fishing Equipment

The price includes fishing gear from renowned Japanese and Korean brands. The equipment and bait are provided by the fishing store Fishing Zone, where you can also receive expert consultation for your upcoming fishing trip.

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