“Solutions Based on Shared Economy in Cross-Border Sustainable Tourism” or “Rhodope-Aegean Adventure.” This is the name of the project under which a guest house in Shiroka Laka was renovated, mountain routes are being created, and a yacht was purchased for tourist excursions in the Keramoti-Thassos-Samothrace area.

The main territorial challenge facing the GR-BG region is the low competitiveness of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), especially in the tourism sector. At the same time, the tourism sector is considered to be growing in our region over the past few years, but the quality characteristics of the sector as a whole are low. In addition, there is limited business access (with the exception of Thessaloniki) to a broader market area and, specifically, to international markets.

The implementation of the investment plan for this Project contributes to increased sales through a newly established strategic partnership. The partnership will produce a joint tourism product tentatively titled “Rhodope and Aegean Adventure,” offering customers the best of both destinations—mountain and sea tourism—which can be planned years in advance.

Both partners operate in the sustainable tourism sector, and their core activities are complementary rather than overlapping. The leading partner, Smart Trip Ltd., has carried out the renovation of an existing residential building located in the village of Shiroka Laka, Smolyan municipality, Bulgaria. The partner, SP Sailing Single Member P.C., will purchase a cruise yacht to offer charter services within the territorial waters of the islands of Samothrace, Thasos, and the Cyclades.

The established partnership will employ the principle of “act and work together” not only at the project level but also after the investment is completed.

Continuous improvement of products and services to retain existing customers and attract new ones through market expansion is vital for local economic prosperity. The project helps to acquire the necessary tools to launch both companies and maintain a successful business by investing a large part of their budgets in infrastructure and assets, enhancing their competitiveness and market positioning.

The target export markets are all EU countries, the USA, and Asia. Our research shows that the tourism sector still has tremendous potential for development. Over the past few years, the targeted cross-border region has attracted an increasing number of international and local tourists. Thasos and Samothrace islands, as well as the Rhodopes, are some of the most attractive destinations on both sides of the border. Despite high competition, both partners will offer an innovative product and a new way to access it.

In addition to investment activities, the Project envisages the joint development of marketing tools to popularize the initiative, attract customers, and sustain business results. The target area of the project is an integrated region with a shared vision for sustainable growth and prosperity, requiring joint solutions from both sides of the border. A joint team has been established for cooperation and capacity building, resource sharing, best practices, and the transfer of established experience at national and cross-border levels.

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