From the Aegean Sea to the Rhodope Mountains:

From the Aegean Sea to the Rhodope Mountains: An Unforgettable Adventure in Greece and Bulgaria

Welcome to our unique offering that takes you from the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea to the historical beauty of the architectural reserve in the village of Shiroka Laka and the Rhodope Mountains.

Start with a Luxury Yacht in the Aegean Sea

Discover the incredible islands and bays of the Aegean Sea with our brand-new, luxurious yacht. Enjoy an exclusive and luxurious experience in Greece.

Continue with a Cozy and Luxurious Spa Villa in the Rhodope Mountains

After exploring the maritime expanses, continue to the village of Shiroka Laka in the Rhodope Mountains, the home of Orpheus and the magic of Bulgaria. There we will welcome you in a cozy and luxurious spa villa that combines modern comfort with traditional Rhodope style.

A Combined Experience for an Unforgettable Vacation

Our goal is to offer you a comprehensive and diverse experience that combines the sea and the mountains, the culture and nature of Greece and Bulgaria.

Why Choose Our Unforgettable Adventure?

Professionalism and Local Knowledge

We have created this unique package with one main goal: to offer the best of Greece and Bulgaria in one unforgettable experience. Our Greek crew and staff are specialized in navigation and maritime experiences, with in-depth knowledge of the Aegean Sea, its islands, and bays. On the other hand, our Bulgarian team is an expert in the Rhodope Mountains, knowing every corner of this beautiful region, from cultural landmarks to the most hidden natural wonders.

Unique Combination

What makes our offer unique is the combination of luxury and authenticity, sea and mountain, culture and nature. We have combined all of this into one package that allows you to immerse yourself in the diverse beauties of two countries.

Personalized Experiences

We understand that every client is unique, and therefore we offer the opportunity for personalization of your journey. Whether you want to spend more time at sea or in the mountains, we will adapt to your desires.

Uncompromising Quality

Our goal is not just to take you from one point to another but to create an experience that will stay with you forever. From the luxurious yacht in the Aegean Sea to our spa villa in the Rhodope Mountains, we make no compromises on quality.

Trust and Reliability

We are proud of our reputation for reliability and high standards of service. Our clients know that they can count on us for a hassle-free and unforgettable experience.


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