“Sail with Confidence: Flexible Bookings and Safe Adventures Await!

What Does This Mean? When you book one of our sailing trips, you now have the flexibility to change your reservation date up to 30 days before the trip begins—free of charge and hassle-free! Alternatively, we can issue you a voucher for the value of your booking, which you can use at your convenience for any sailing trip you desire.

Our goal is to provide you with both security and the opportunity for an unforgettable vacation. With over 250 sunny days a year and an average temperature above 25 degrees Celsius for six months, Greece is the ideal destination for yacht tourism. The locations we’ve selected offer summer weather even in September and October, and in November, we kick off fishing, training, and competitions.

Compared to hotels, sailing on a yacht or catamaran offers much greater safety during pandemic times. You travel with a small, selected group—usually family or close friends—and your contact is limited, with no visible bans or restrictions. The Mediterranean Sea offers countless opportunities for cooling off on hot, sunny days. Each day can be spent in a new, untouched bay, equipped with snorkeling masks!

Whether you’re alone or with a large group, whether you can sail a yacht or simply want to enjoy the ride, we can provide the boat, the captain, and an unforgettable experience in the amazing waters of Greece!”

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